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Helen Storer

Vice President:

Daren Nimmo


Russell Foley

Senior Mentor:

John Burgess


Pamela Stiff

Youth Liaison Officer: 

Judy Leuii

Helen Storer: After a long Public Service career as an Administrator and Executive Assistant, Helen retired in 2004 and studied full time to acquire qualifications to assist young people. She earned a Diploma in Life Coaching and is a fully qualified workplace trainer and assessor. With her own family grown up and living independently, Helen has incorporated The Foundary as a non profit organization designed to mentor and empower young people to assist them gain life skills and work experience.

Daren Nimmo: Daren has used the experience he gained playing competitive Australian Rules Football, Rugby League, Cricket and Volleyball, to help coach and mentor young men and women through sports. Daren has the patience and dedication required to help young people see the light at the end of the tunnel. Daren helps young people gain real life coping skills to form the foundation for a happy life.

Russell Foley: A diligent and faithful man of many talents, Russell is a Corporate accountant, amateur video producer and Australian representative for Mercy Ships international mission services. He has traveled the world three times to minister to orphans in Sierra Leone, where he has adopted a child. Many young people owe their lives to his selfless giving of both time and finances. A natural leader and wonderful example of an adventurous spirit, Russell is a mature mentor and will lead teams in overseas adventure in coming months.

John Burgess: John has a background in horticulture, garden maintenance and landscaping, having worked in the family business for over 5 years. He is responsible for training and leading teams of garden maintenance workers who do large scale jobs around Canberra. His hobbies include exercising in the gym, reading, meeting new people and taking his son on adventure trips. John always encourages the young people he works with to do their best and work hard to achieve their goals.

Pamela Stiff: Coming Soon.

Judy Leuii: Coming Soon.